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In response to alarming statistics revealing high rates of violence against women and girls in Kenya, particularly in urban informal settlements, Badili Africa in partnership with Usikimye supported by Oxfam, has been implementing  Uzima Wellness Program. This initiative aims to empower community frontline responders with a trauma-informed approach, focusing on community-led actions to address mental health issues resulting from gender-based violence (GBV). Recognizing the prevalence of psychological, physical, and sexual violence, Uzima provides a platform for SGBV survivors and community partners to share, receive counseling, and access mental health support. The program acknowledges the mental health impact on both survivors and project staff exposed to traumatic experiences. 

Since the inception of the project we have collaborated with 40 mentors, 200 mentees, and 4 Women’s Rights Organizations (WROs) to enhance their comprehension of mental health and well-being, improve mental health support services for women and girls, strengthen the capacity of WROs and Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) to prevent and respond to mental health issues and integrate mental health care actions into their interventions

Years Of Experience
Uzima Wellness Program

Our approach


We encourage practices like regular exercise, proper nutrition, sufficient sleep, mindfulness, relaxation techniques, and engaging in activities that bring joy and fulfillment.

Preventive measures

Prevention in mental health involves proactively addressing factors that could lead to mental health challenges before they escalate.We Offer educational resources on stress management, coping skills, and early signs of mental health issues. Encourage regular mental health check-ins and destigmatize seeking professional help.

Community Centered Approaches

We organize community workshops, community group therapy , and awareness campaigns. Foster open conversations about mental health to reduce stigma. Collaborate with local mental health professionals to provide accessible resources.

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Who We Are

We deal with Mental Health

We educate

We provide advice to our chama women as well as young ladies.

We pay attention

We listen, when you speak and we respond accordingly.

We offer solutions

Our aim is to ensure that you emerge stronger and better.

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